It’s time to treat yourself…

Wellness Adventure Retreats

When is the last time you took a break and treated yourself? More than a vacation, an all out relaxation. It’s time to stop dreaming and experience the time of your life. Choose from a variety of amazing retreats with our partners. Our team has been organizing retreats in several countries over the past 5 years, including parts of Thailand, Bali, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Peru and Tulum. We thrive on putting together amazing retreat experiences for you to enjoy that are safe and seamless. Come Unplug, Recharge and Relax. Your soul is waiting for you. Now booking Tulum, Mexico.

Choose from a variety of wellness and adventure retreats with our partners

OC Yoga Festival

Experience the perfect get-away. Come relax, recharge, have fun and gain a grounding connection with yourself and nature. Includes daily yoga, massages, workshops, adventures, healthy food with fellow yogis

Limitless Ritual

Ideal for entrepreneurs or anyone who wants to start a morning routine and really get their personal life on track. Enjoy in-depth Limitless workshops, wellness classes & local adventures with a mindful community

Vegas Yoga Festival

Replace the desert for the jungle and ocean. Enjoy a variety of yoga classes, workshops, massages, adventures, healthy food and more with the local wellness community. Come get a taste of Zen City and recharge your soul

Recent Experiences…

I loved going on the Dreamcatchers Retreat with OC Yoga Festival to Bali, pure magic and so fun!

-Christelle R.

I wanted a fun and relaxing get-away and chose a Dreamcatchers Retreat, best idea!

-Shawn Bell